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Name, Birthdate and Stereotype

xxxxxBegin by picking a name (first AND last, though your character object on the MU* should just be named the former OR later, not both), a date of birth (all characters must be at least 16 when they go IC), and a stereotype that briefly sums up your character. Examples might be Punk Grrl, or Comics Nerd, or Everyone's Favorite Teacher.


xxxxxVERY BRIEFLY tell us about your character. We don't need or want to know who you kissed in the 5th grade, or about that time you went on vacation to Spain. A background can be as simple as:

xxxxxSarah is the youngest of four children, all of whom are in college or older. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her Mom, who works in a bank. Sarah works on the Yearbook and is good at English and Science.

xxxxxBackground done. We mean it. The goal is to get YOU out IC as soon as possible. You can figure out Sarah's history and details as you play and expand on it on your wiki. We don't need to know her siblings' names, why her parents divorced, or the name of her goldfish. What her Mom does is potentially relevant, so we included that, as well as her interests at school which tell us what she might be useful for. Any background over two (2) paragraphs will not be read and you'll be asked to condense and edit it.


xxxxxAll characters start with their Stats at Poor by default. Leading Roles get four (4) 'Bumps' to spend. Each Bump makes a Stat go up by one degree, from Poor to Normal or from Normal to Good. Therefore every Leading Role CAN be Normal in everything, but that's no fun, right?

xxxxxWhen designing a Supporting Role, they get three (3) Bumps, not 4.

Positive Qualities

xxxxxEvery Leading Role gets 4 (four) Positive Qualities. These are words of short phrases defining one of your Stats, like "Athletic" for Finesse, or "Photographic Memory" for Brains. These come into play on Stat Checks and give an extra dice if they apply to the situation. They can all be in one Stat, or scattered over them as you like.

xxxxxSupporting Roles only get three (3) Positive Qualities.

Negative Qualities

xxxxxEvery character has at least one (1) Negative Quality, which is similar to Positive Qualities but are used against you to subtract a dice when they come into play. You only choose one for now, the option to take more comes in the next step.


xxxxxAll characters can make two (2) Alterations to their character sheet. An Alteration can be a Bump or a Positive Quality.

xxxxxAfter that, you can ALSO take a Negative Quality (which in turn grants another Positive Quality), up to 3 times. This can bring your total Negative Qualities to four (4), and your total Positive Qualities to nine (9) for Leading Roles or eight (8) for Supporting Roles.

Genre Points

xxxxxOnce finished, all Leading Roles start play with two (2) Genre points.

xxxxxSupporting Roles cannot store Genre points and therefore get none.

Supporting Roles

xxxxxAfter making your Leading Role, you can make up to three (3) Supporting Roles directly tied to it that - unlike Central Casting - you exclusively control. Simply follow the same steps above but use the Supporting Role guidelines.

xxxxxDO NOT MAKE A CHARACTER OBJECT for Supporting Roles! They are NPCs to be emitted in play by you or a player of your choosing. DO MAKE THEM A WIKI PAGE that includes their Stats and Qualities.

Sample Qualities

Positive Qualities

Attractive (Spirit)
Bluffing (Spirit)
Brawler (Brawn)
Breaking and Entering (Finesse)
Climbing (Brawn)
Common Sense (Brains)
Con Artist (Spirit)
Consume Alcohol (Brawn)
Courageous (Spirit)
Detective (Brains)
Driver (Finesse)
Fast Runner (Finesse)
Flexible (Finesse)
Hard to Hurt (Brawn)
Healthy (Brawn)
Hiding (Finesse)
Individualistic (Spirit)
Innocent Charm (Spirit)
Intimidate (Spirit)
Knows About “X” (Brains)
Leaping (Brawn)
Marksman (Finesse)
Martial Artist (Brawn)
Natural Leader (Spirit)
Nobody’s Fool (Spirit)
Perceptive (Brains)
Persuasion (Spirit)
Psychology (Brains)
Repair Vehicles (Brains)
Resourceful (Brains)
Rugged (Brawn)
Science (Brains)
Scrapper (Brawn)
Seduction (Spirit)
Stealthy (Finesse)
Street Fighter (Brawn)
Strong (Brawn)
Sweetheart (Spirit)
Swimming (Brawn)
Tactical Mind (Brains)
Unconventional Thinker (Brains)
Witty Remarks (Spirit)

Negative Qualities

Annoyingly Perky (Spirit)
Bad Driver (Finesse)
Bad Eyesight (Brains)
Bad Under Pressure (Spirit)
Birdbrain (Brains)
Bossy (Spirit)
Butterfingers (Finesse)
Cowardly (Spirit)
Easily Frightened (Spirit)
Fear of “X” (Spirit)
Foolhardy (Spirit)
Forgetful (Brains)
Frail (Brawn)
Greedy (Spirit)
Gullible (Spirit)
Half-Witted (Brains)
Impatient (Spirit)
Inaccurate Aim (Finesse)
Sadistic (Spirit)
Slow Reflexes (Finesse)
Slow-Moving (Finesse)
Stumbles (Finesse)
Terrible Swimmer (Brawn)
Uncooperative (Spirit)
Unhealthy (Brawn)
Unperceptive (Brains)
Weak Back (Brawn)
Weak-Willed (Spirit)
Wimpy (Brawns)