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xxxxxWelcome to Lovecraft is a mortal horror game using the Slasher Flick rules system and (very) loosely inspired by the comic book series Locke and Key. Knowledge of either is unnecessary to play here - everything you need is on the wiki.

xxxxxOur story is set in Lovecraft, Massachusetts, a fictional island town connected to the mainland by bridge with a single road in and out. On the surface it's a pretty little resort town with a friendly, close-knit community, but appearances can be deceiving. Beneath that placid surface is an ancient horror that feeds on youth and innocence, leaving the adults in an oblivious fog. Players take on the roles of students at Lovecraft High and Miskatonic University, or one of the rare adults who, scarred by the past, remembers and see things as they truly are.

xxxxxThe story is not limited to eldritch horrors by any means, and nearly any horror or thriller can fit right in here, from big screen slashers to the books of Stephen King. Using a game system that emphasizes cinematic storytelling over dice and survival over combat, we focus on personal horror from the point of view of the average person. We encourage player-run-plots, and have a number of pre-made plot kits you can use to tell stories, or you can make up your own with staff approval. We also utilize supporting characters to use in your stories.

xxxxxWelcome to Lovecraft. We hope you enjoy your stay.