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Characters: Angel, Lisa, Jamie, Brooke
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Date: 2018-09-13
Summary: Food is acquired, homecoming plans are discussed. This is fine.

Angel is here, because he's not at home. Being at home right now would be intolerable. Not for any serious reason, just the parents are watching /that show/ again and... no, just no. And he's caught up on homework for once, and they bug him if he plays music too loud. So he's here, wandering around and mostly crowd-watching. Hey, if nothing else, there's the food court, right? And the movie theater. Maybe he'll go see that superhero one.

So, yesterday had happened and Lisa wears a slightly dazed and somewhat traumatized look. Luckily, fall is approaching and she's wearing a long sleeved sweat shirt with their team mascot and their team colors. With it, a pair of faded jeans. Her phone pokes out of one of her back pockets and she mostly meanders a little aimlessly for now. Poor Angel. It brings her into his path as she absently rubs one wrist with her opposite hand, a frown marring her brow.

When you live on campus at Miskatonic, they make you purchase a meal plan and eat in their cafeteria. Except the food is lousy. Like, seriously it's probably better to eat paint thinner. The thought does cross Jamie's mind as he meanders his way through the mall, eliciting a little smile to himself. He's straight hangry though and, though some of the shops do spark his interest, it's the food court he's trying to find. With all the people walking up and down the lanes, it's not likely he'd notice anyone he knew. But as an afterthought, he does pull his cell out of his back pocket and start tapping away. A few moment's later, Lisa's phone lights up with life. It's a text from him:

~Galley food sucks...~ Followed by a pukey face emoji.

Yeah, nice timing there, Jamie. Angel might have ducked out of the way in time, but the sound from the phone distracts him-- he takes out his own to check it, nope, and then there's someone bumping right into him! "Oh, uh, sorry," he mutters, though a smile touches his face once he sees who it is. "Hi! Uh, are you doing all right?" he adds, only then catching the look on her face.

Timing is everything. Even when it's off it's still everything. Near misses turn into head on collisions and all that. Lisa, having been absently rubbing that wrist that, come to think about it, looks a little chafed. The other wrist gets a bit of attention too and it looks the same. It's the phone as it chirps to life in the factory setting that indicates the incoming text message that has her reaching for her phone. Just as she gets it read and hits respond, she gets jostled from the side. "Oh!" Clatter. Her phone drops but that lovely protective case around it protects it like it should. "I'm super sorry, I was sort of distracted."

Her phone though! She looks around on the floor to make sure it hadn't been kicked or shuffled away from them in the interim and reaches down to pick it up. "I'm.. actually I don't know." Again the phone is lifted and she taps out a response, but that leaves both wrists showing and both are chafed as if she'd been confined or something equally weird.

~Food Court is better~ The return emoji is wearing dark sunglasses.

To Jamie's credit, he's a bit more aware of his surroundings and sidesteps people walking against the grain on the RIGHT side of the mall. He does crinkle his nose distastefully at one particularly old, overweight couple.

"Do you drive on the left side of the road too?!"

They turn and glance at him, but apparently decide better than to confront the younger Jamie and instead suck their teeth, roll their eyes and continue on their way: that is, against the flow of people walking in the mall.

Shaking his head and pursing his lips, Jamie turns and continues on his way, looking down again as his iphone 8+ (because he swears against the X and that new operating system!) as Lisa's face pops up on his screen with a return message. This causes him to stop in his tracks, snapping his head up and sweeping his gaze from the top of one head to another. He still doesn't spot her blonde head in a sea of many blonde heads, so he continues onward.

~Read my mind!~ Attached is a quickly snapped selfie of Jamie with his cheeks puffed out, the sign of an Aeropostale behind his head. Yep, he's already in the mall!

Hey, could be worse. The obstructive couple probably have Jitterbugs, if they have anything at all. Angel, meanwhile, winces and crouches down to help Lisa with the phone. Or tries to, but by the time he works out how to not bump into her again in the process, she's already got it. "Yeah, no problem. My bad." Oh man, her wrists. Has she been trying to hurt herself? Is she going to step up to razor blades next? What are you supposed to say about that sort of thing? He doesn't really know, either. Time to change the subject. "So, um. Saw the cheer squad working out the other day, you excited about the game next week?"

Once the text was sent Lisa lowers her own iPhone 7plus. She'd not graduated to the 8 yet and the 10 with the facial recognition was a no-go. She could be sleeping and someone could unlock her phone or something! Bleh.

With the assistance from Angel, Lisa gives him an apologetic look. She doesn't look particularly suicidal, even the smile, while tentative, holds warmth for her fellow junior and athlete. "No, really, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going." A head shake as if to dispel some cobwebs or something she warms more to the topic of the cheer squad. "I am ready for the game. We've been working really hard for it. Now all we have to do is cheer you guys on to victory."

Her phone chirps again and she checks it, seeing the selfie. Aeropostale wasn't too terribly far away. Somewhere near American Eagle she was pretty sure and that wasn't so far. She taps out a response unable to contain the slight grin.

~Near the food court now. Meet you there?~ She takes no accompanying photo though, but she remains there nearby it so he could find her easier.

"About to find some food with a friend. You interested in joining us?" The offer made to Angel as she just holds onto her phone instead of pocketing it again.


Jamie cannot suppress his grin as he spares his phone one last glance before shoving it in the back pocket of his jeans. It's easy for him to flit his way through the crowd, carrying an air of confidance that seems to buffer away people out of his personal bubble, allowing him the breathing room to make his own path.

A particularly familiar blonde head is spotted a minute later and Jamie dials in on Lisa and makes a bee line for her.

"Hey, Kid." He greets, the inflection in his words making it more of an endearing title, rather than any sort of indication of age. It's followed up with a nudge of his shoulder against hers as he finds some real estate next to her and Angel. Baby blues briefly study Lisa, giving her a once over before turning toward the boy with her. "What up, dude?"

The mystery of the wrists gets mentally filed away for later. Maybe Angel will get another opportunity to ask about it some time, but for now: "Yeah, sounds good, I was thinking about heading that way anyway. Maybe catching a movie after--" But before he can get further into that sentence, there's Jamie. Oh hi, Jamie! "Sup," he replies in kind, giving the newcomer a brief once-over. What sort of friend was Lisa alluding to?

The expected text comes and Lisa smiles as she glances down the sides of the mall. At first she doesn't see Jamie and so she looks back to Angel and smiles. They'd been talking cheer and football so she keeps it up. All are near the food court, about to go find some food for the evening. Lisa is wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and looks slightly.. out of sorts.

At the arrival of Jamie though she laughs. His endearment, Kid, drawing that response from her. The shoulder check is returned but she finds herself pulling down her sleeves over her wrists when he gives her that once over. "Jamie, this is Angel. Angel, Jamie." Intro's made? Check! "So, which place sounds good for food?"

If Jamie noticed Lisa's arms, he doesn't say anything and makes a good show of not even noticing. Rather, despite all that has happened in the last twenty four hours, he seems to be in a pretty chipper mood...old people who like to walk against the flow of traffic notwithstanding. The brief thought draws a slight twitch to his eye but the boy is quick to shake that clear.

"Angel." He clicks his tongue, "Check." He glances between the two of them and offers up a pathetically playful hangry look on his face. "I'm starving, I could literally eat a cow right now. I vote for Chick-Fil-A!"

Brooke comes along mall-ing, which is totally a verb. That she's been giving the trusty credit card a good workout is attested to by a variety of bags. Gotta stock up on new styles for fall, though her current dress is a little brighter and lighter, a thin sky-blue tank under her PINK hoodie and sporty looking leggings. While heading from elsewhere, the destination is about the same: food court. Or, probably. She's on her phone as she walks, anyway, and only half paying attention. She almost bumps into someone like that, but in the moment of sorting out afterward, she spots the other group. "Ohmygod, hey Lisa! Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

"Jamie, hi." Angel is still trying to suss out the vibe between Jamie and Lisa, but eh, there'll be time enough for that. "I don't think Chick-Fil-A actually has burgers," he points out. "But I'm still up for it, they're /so good/." Beat. "Brooke, hi! Wow, small world today." Of course he recognizes her too, who wouldn't?

The irony of Jamie doesn't elude her and Lisa gives him an amused look. "You must mean the cows in the advertisements for chick-fil-a. The ones that say eat more chicken." She does look to be agreeable with the selection though. Chick-Fil-A it was! A smile is given between the two and tilts her head at the arrival of Brooke. The smile brightens and she looks genuinely happy to see her fellow cheerleader. "Brooke!" A brief hug, if she lets her, careful of the other girls cell phone. "Will you come eat with us?" Because four was oh so much better than three.

Jamie presents Lisa with a mock innocent look then wags a finger. "She figured it out, see, problem solving skills. You're gonna ace that SAT." He snickers, glancing back at Angel. "Right?! Like, where else can you go at 11 in the morning and order from the breakfast AND lunch menu. Straight dope!"

This thought also seems to cast an epiphany over Jamie who leans against Lisa and exclaims, "Lees, you -have- to try the frozen lemonade. Trust me."

As Brooke approaches, Jamie effortlessly greets her as if they'd known each other forever.

"Yeah, Brooke. How can you say no to a face like that?" He gestures at Lisa, grinning impishly.

Brooke angles for the hug, which means sticking her hands out a little comically with all her bags and phone and more kind of leaning in while letting Lisa do the actual hugging. "Hey guys," is her more general, smile-accompanied greeting for the boys, once the cheerleader friendship ritual is completed. "Oh sure." She doesn't really take much convincing as the food goes. "I'm, like, staaarving. Shopping's hard." Sometimes it's hard to tell if she's intentionally being funny, or what.

"Mah, no kidding," Angel replies to Brooke, either taking her words at face value or at least politely pretending to. "You need a hand with some of those? What all did you get, anyway?" They look more bulky than heavy, but whatever. "You should have spotters on days like this, they're a lifesaver."

Lisa would whole-heartedly agree, shopping /was/ hard! Only, she's conspicuously free of any shopping paraphernalia with no room to speak on it. A quiet look of understanding is given Brooke's way though and she reaches out her hands. "Need any help?" The offer is there, she can tote some bags. Except Angel offers and she casts a smile between the two as she leaves the toting to the football player.

That leaves her attention going to Jamie and his quest for her to try the frozen lemonade. "Sounds good, I'd try it!" Another shoulder bump, she obviously trusts him and with a smile she indicates the chosen food establishment. "Shall we?"

Jamie glances down at the bags and shakes his head with a smirk, glancing briefly at Angel as the boy offers his hands. "Now that's a full time job." Grinning, he decides to lead the charge, sparing Brooke a brief, "Hey, I'm Jamie!" - at least then, the girl isn't left wondering who he is! Then he's off, creating a wake around him that sort of clears the way for the other three to follow.

That same old couple from earlier comes walking down, arm in arm, AGAINST the flow of people traffic. As soon as they spot Jamie, their expressions flatten and then start shaking their head and murmering something about "Delinquents."

To Jamie's credit, he doesn't get too snarky with them, but the others can hear him mutter questioningly about "What's their damage?" as he leads them to the food court.

The food court itself is packed with people, many of them still in their Sunday best coming out of whatever Church they take part in. High school and college students frequent this area as well, some recognizable, others not. There's a McDonalds, a Sabarro, a few different asian eateries...and then the token 'C' of Chick-Fil-A shaped in the head of a rooster standing out like a beacon in a sea of other iconic places.

The bags really don't look too heavy, no, it's mostly just clothes and stuff. Also shoes. But boys carrying heavy things is half of what they're there for, so she isn't shy about unloading a bit when Angel offers. "Oh, I think I'm good after that," Brooke tells Lisa, after she's handed over the heavier bits, grinning. Of course the bags she holds onto include the one that matches her hoodie. Girl's gotta keep some mystery! As for anything she does offer her cheer friend, it's more just to let her look through some of the bags and see some of what she bought. "Aren't these cute?"

When Jamie actually ends up introducing himself, Brooke blinks and smiles. "Oh hey." Did she... not remember she didn't know him? She's used to everyone knowing her, of course. Though she will happily chime in with his abuse of the elderly: "They probably have like, that brain thing or something." As if she should talk!

It's actually kind of nice for Angel to get to play the strongman role for once. He's more a runner than a blocker, but yeah, those bags are a piece of cake, especially with Lisa divvying them up that much further. "Mmm, maybe," he replies to Brooke, with a shrug. "Lisa and I were just talking about the game next week, you looking forward to it too?"

Oh right, introductions. Lisa gives an abashed smile between Jamie and Brooke, "Brooke," she says needlessly, "This is Jamie. Jamie, Brooke. A fellow cheerleader. She's super good." Of course she's going to look and she leaves the Victoria's Secret bag with Brooke but peeks in some of the others. A soft gasp, "Ohh, those are so cute! What are you going to wear for homecoming?" For the dance, not the game, which would obviously be the cheer uniform.

A glance is given over towards the older couple and Lisa crinkles her nose a little. "Maybe they hate kids." Or college students. Or something. She doesn't contribute to any abuse towards them though, just gives them a curious once over.

At the mention of the game she smiles brightly. "I love cheering. Angel plays on the team. Do you go to the high school games Jamie?" It wasn't something she knew about him so she is certainly curious.

Feeding off the support from Brooke, Jamie casts a glance back her way, crinkling his nose up in that way it does with his features when he's annoyed by something. "I swear they've been following me."

He doesn't offer to help with Brooke's bags, but that's wisdom in the works. The boy knows better than to get caught up in pack muling for cute girls. In the words of Admiral Ackbar, 'It's a trap!' The thought isn't lost on Jamie and it elicits a secretive little smirk on his lips. He's quick to compose himself though and shuffle forward to save the group a spot in the line for food: his stomach definitely making some of the more imperative decisions for him!

Once their real estate is assured, he spins around and nods to Angel. "Word, that's awesome." Pause. "I've not been back into town very long, actually. I just graduated last May so not really. Not yet anyway." The last part is added as an after thought that is preceeded by a short look toward Lisa. "But, maybe I'll come check it out!"

As is usually the case with Chick-Fil-A, they burn through the line pretty quickly as the people in front of them are rapid-fire served and seated. Always a pleasant dining experience at the best chicken place in the country! (Shameless plug. I LOVE Chick-Fil-A!)

"I haven't gotten a dress yet," Brooke admits to Lisa. "I've got a couple picked out that I like. But I kinda wanna wait and see a bit?" Which may mean playing chicken with rapidly changing fashion trends and trying to one up all her friends with the absolutely newest and best on the floor. Or equally possibly, coordinating with everyone to avoid any potentially egregious 'same dress' disasters. It's all so complicated! But she seizes on the idea of the game just as readily. "Oh for sure," she answers, enthusiastically. "I can't wait to show off some of our new routines, and like, get our teams super pumped up." Anything else about her aside, she does take cheer pretty seriously.

"You should tooootally come and watch, and maybe like you can try out for one?" she then goes on encouraging Jamie, obviously caught up in all the school spirit of the moment. "We've got a lot of sports, but like, hockey is the best? Or we're the best at it, I guess. Do you know how to skate? And then like football and..." She could go on a ways. As for food, despite all the talk about how starving she was, her order ends up being conspiculously calorie-conscious.

Angel's order is not quite as far toward the 'salad and bird feed' end of the spectrum as Brooke's, but it's not the complete opposite either. Now you catch him on a weekday afternoon right after a workout, on the other hand... "I'm sure you'll both look great for homecoming," he says. The game and the dance, probably. Well, definitely the dance: "Has anyone asked you to go, though?"

"You really should come check it out sometime." Or the team. Or the cheer squad. Lisa doesn't point out which one in particular. Despite the misgivings of the beginning of her arrival at the mall she seems to really have relaxed some only a little attention going to her chafed wrists now and again when she thinks no one is looking.

Concentrating on the food, she checks out the menu even if she already knows what they have to offer. Instead of ordering a salad or anything she opts for a six piece nugget and a small waffle fries. Ketchup and barbecue sauce are requested too. Once that and her drink are ordered she turns to Brooke and grins at her enthusiasm. "I haven't chosen anything yet either but I'm excited about it. I've been looking around online. The boutique makes sure there is only one per girl per dress per high school. Or they did in years past I think. It's a super good idea."

Leaving the others to their orders unless she was the last one, she looks over to Angel and gives him a lopsided smile. "I don't think anyone has asked anyone yet that I know of. Not even sure if the date has been set yet but it's going to be fun."

"I actually played lacrosse." Jamie admits after a moment of hesitation. It wasn't exactly the most popular sport at Lovecraft High, but there are trophies and team photos on the walls that prove its existence, with him heading the way as Captain.

In fact, Jamie Marksely is probably a pretty well known name, though probably not for his athletic merits so much as all the rumors flying around about his parents and, specifically, his sister Claire who may or may not have been friends with them. (She went missing a few years ago.)

Caught up in the whirlwind of Brooke's questions, Jamie keeps up with the best of them, easing into conversation with her as if this dynamic is as natural to them as siblings would be. "Oh, I wasn't really into football, but I can skate. I played hockey, but not like, on the team or anything. I mean, who doesn't at least -play- hockey in Lovecraft?"

Whatever questions Brooke throws his way, Jamie responds just as quickly, whether it's sports, being a freshman in college, or whatever else. There's a moment where, for whatever reason, the subject of college food comes up. (Because any chance Jamie has at harping on the galley food, he will totally take it up!)

"Don't -ever- eat on campus. Seriously, I swear the food will give you ulcers or something..."

As Lisa orders, Jamie follows up behind her, making sure to order an extra "Frozen Lemonade" along with his own. As they all complete their orders, it's up to Jamie to find them a table. It seems natural for him to sort of lead the way and he does it with the ease of someone who doesn't hesitate and doesn't have an ounce of indecisiveness in his body.

As the talk of the Homecoming dance comes up, Jamie cannot help but smile as he picks out a booth table and slides into one side of it. "I actually never went to Homecoming." He admits, though for anyone -truly- paying attention to the subtle change in his expression, it's probably pretty clear he didn't mean to say that out loud.

"Yeah it's like, kinda early for that?" Brooke echoes, hivemind social reinforcement-style, after Lisa. "If you ask now, it looks, you know, kinda too eager? And if you say yes, well, like, that's kinda desperate." Insert 'bleh' face. In any case, social wisdom! Keep your options open! Though she also speaks of the whole thing with the kind of aloof disinterest of someone who obviously has no trouble being -asked-. It's the finding the right ask to say yes to, one imagines. "Unless, like, people are already going out or something but then it's like, duh, of course you're going."

Once they've settled down with the food, she 'oohs' a bit at that little tidbit about the boutique. "Oh that's cool. You can totally send me a link then!" As otherwise it would be considered a valueable state secret. Beyond that, it takes Jamie getting probably 3/4ths through all his explanations before Brooke catches on (because really, she's not the catch on type). "Waiwait, so like, you don't go to school with us? You're in college? Ohmygod, like, that's so cool." Gush. "We must sound so dumb with, like, all our kiddie dances and stuff. Do you know any good places for parties? It must be awesome."

Angel waggles a hand in the air as he nods to Brooke. "Yeah, I guess you're right. It's just, once the word starts going around, a week later everybody's like 'sorry somebody already asked me'. So you don't want to risk missing out, you know? I remember Dale was pretty bummed about it last year, even though he ended up working something out later." He does glance over toward Lisa's hands again, however briefly.

Lisa does listen to the responses of Jamie to Brooke, learning more about Claire's brother. Claire, her former bestie who had disappeared and was still not found, for good or bad. The mention of Lacrosse has her giving him a once over, much like she had the previous night and then again as he talks about hockey. It's not her strong suit. "I skate but never tried it with a hockey stick." The confession comes with a lopsided smile.

As he comes up behind her and orders the frozen lemonade she'd forgotten to order, Lisa gives him a grateful smile, a quiet moment shared, "So I guess there's no frozen lemonade on the college campus. Maybe we should request a food truck for you there in the parking lot."

It's his confession about the homecoming dance that has her looking over his way again, even as he leads the way to the table of choice. Conclusions are drawn and a searching look is given his way, but she doesn't mention Claire and when she had disappeared.

Brooke is given a grin, "Yeah, I mean people could be dating people by then and then to just get out of the date would be a little awkward maybe." She nods about the boutique and makes a mental note to do that.

To Angel she smiles, "I remember Dale last year and mostly the football players and cheerleaders sort of all group together anyway once at the dance. Either way there'll be lots of dancing." Catching that glance she smiles again, sliding into the booth and tucking her hands beneath the table onto her lap.

Jamie just smiles knowingly at Lisa, wider still when she mentions the food truck. "I wish." Pause. "I guess I'll just have to make this a thing and steal you away for lunch. I mean, if they let you guys out for lunch. They did for us, anyway."

He picks a seat and scoots over toward the wall to make room for anyone else, though he does glance at Lisa first. Wherever she sits, he slides the frozen lemonade her way even as he's shifting most of his attention to Brooke as she goes on about the rules of asking someone to the Homecoming dance, humoring her with a small smile until it finally hits her that he isn't actually a student there. Her realization elicits a chuckle from him and his hands shoot up in a defensive gesture.

"Oh, I mean, I've only been in college for what, a month? It's really not that big of a deal." He tries to play it down a bit though doesn't seem to know how to answer the last question. "Parties? Well, I am not sure yet...but I'll keep you in the loop." There, that's a good compromise!

Turning to Angel, he shakes his head. "Dude, trust me, don't over think all that. If you like someone...well, just ask them. It's like an old bandaid. You know it's gonna suck so you might as well just get it out of the way and rip it off as soon as possible."

"Oh yeah just skating's fun, but all that, whacking each other with sticks is kinda scary." Which is obviously not how hockey is supposed to be played, but perhaps it's close enough. "Plus the thing's so small." Brooke is as much of a clutz when it comes to that kind of stuff as she is otherwise athletic and flexible. Splits are fine, but a hockey stick and a puck? She'd take someone's eye out! If she ever managed to hit it. She's far less a menance with pom-poms in hand.

She pops a chicken piece in her mouth then, quiet a moment but listening to Lisa and Jamie go back and forth, watching the whole exchange with a certain (perhaps meddling-prone) curiousity. She definitely knew Claire, but obviously the brother wasn't on her radar. But he and Lisa clearly were on each other's! "Yeah I guess it's not that long," she agrees with Jamie. "It's sad you never got to go. Is it against the rules to come to ours? It's not like it'd be illegal or anything, since you're like, basically our age. Or would that be too lame?" Obviously the mere possibility of some college party invite has her grinning mischieviously.

But poor Angel's concern earns a little roll of her eyes, followed by a bit of a nod as Jaime seems to nail it with his advice. "Yeah, totally. Changing our minds at the last minute is totally our perogative, yeah? That's like, feminism or something."

Angel is more listening than talking by this point, glancing back and forth and working on his chicken sandwich. Man, those things never do get old, do they?

"There was this one time on TV?" he says, looking to Brooke. "There were a bunch of guys fighting out on the ice, when all of a sudden, a hockey game broke out." She may or may not get that one; blame his middling delivery.

Without waiting, though, he returns to the subject of dance invites, nodding to Jamie. "And yeah, you're probably right. I do have someone in mind, actually-- and if it does change at the last minute? Oh well. Lisa's right, anyway, it doesn't /really/ matter that much when it comes down to it."

"If we could get in a lunch in my limited times they give us for lunch period I'd have to take you up on it. I have no idea though what time you get to take off and how long you have for your lunch break." Lisa had followed Jamie over and slid into the nearest seat so more than likely it was beside him or across from him. Either worked, depending on where the others had sat too.

Amused at the turn of the conversation she looks between Brooke and Jamie and the mention of the parties. "If you get an in to the college parties, you know Celeste will be all over that," she tells her cheer mate about one of the juniors who only ever dates older guys.

Nabbing a piece of her chicken she doesn't bother dipping it in any of the sauces she'd gotten, just nibbles on it as she listens to the conversation at the table surrounding her. The joke from Angel makes her laugh, she totally gets it, "Cute. Too cute." A flash of a grin at the delivery, it was good either way. "Sometimes we just all get together as a group and go too, that's always fun. Is there anyone you want to ask you, Brooke?" Because even Lisa knows Brooke doesn't have trouble getting a date to homecoming!

Jamie cannot help but laugh as Brooke 'describes' hockey, doing his best to keep his food in his mouth in the process with one hand trying to cover his mouth and compose himself. As the conversation shifts to the subject of his own Homecoming experience, there's certainly a shift in in his demeanor that is almost palpable. It's not exactly the most comfortable subject and he shifts in his seat, drawing in his lips and giving them a good chewing. It's not secret to anyone who knew Claire that she disappeared. It must have been a major disruption on the lives of her family.

Moving past that though, Jamie just shrugs at the questions about the dance. "I dunno, I never really thought about it. I probably wouldn't go though." He breaks that and follows it with a somewhat forced smile. "Totally not lame, B." There, nickname for Brooke aqcuired.

Angel's joke earns him a soft chuckle from Jamie, though for the moment, particularly on the subject of who is asking who to dances, he's more into devouring his spicy chicken sandwich instead.

There's a quiet chime that repeats itself and follows up with the rhythmic vibration of someone's cell phone. Jamie leans over and produces his cell from his back pocket, tapping his password and swiping over a couple times as he reads his lit up screen. His expression hardens slightly and a sigh escapes his lips.

"I have to get going..." His food has barely been touched, but whatever message that was sent to him seems to have distracted him completely. He scoots over, trying to get out of his seat. "Sorry, it was totally awesome to meet you."

To Brooke, Jamie flashes a quick smile, "I'll let you know about those parties, B." Again, he uses her new nickname, as if by doing so it suddenly put her into a new spectrum of 'cool'.

To Angel, Jamie cocks his head and offers him a broshake. "Stay cool dude. Rip that bandaid off, you'll thank me for it."

To Lisa, he briefly glances down at her arms, long enough to let her know he noticed. There's just a beat of hesitation there as his eyes flicker left and right, searching for the appropriate thing to say. "Talk to you later?"

Brooke also laughs Angel's joke. Whether she actually gets it, completely? Who knows. But she laughs! It sounds funny, a bunch of guys hitting each other with sticks, anyway. "Yeah it's not a big deal," she then happily agrees. Though just in case anyone might falsely accuse the ditzy cheerleader of having a mature outlook on life, priorities, and all of that, she quickly continues: "It's not like it's the *prom* or anything." Firm nod. "This is like, just the preliminaries. We've got a whole season ahead!" Oh, and if there's any question of seating, she maneuvers so Lisa ends up next to Jamie, possibly even with some none-too-subtle winking. Get 'im gurl.

"Oh god, she's such a slut!" she then readily, far-too cheerily chimes in about Celeste, initiating the age old tradition of shit-talking friends just because they happen not to be there. And just as they're in the midst of plotting all this, college parties (that she's into for totally non-slutty reasons, right?), sneaking an older dude into the dance for her friend... he has to bail. "Yeah totally. Lisa can give you my info, or like, you can tell her if there's one? The squad will totally show."

Then back to answer Lisa: "Well the cutest guy in school is gay, so like... that kinda sucks?" She's already set back feminism a decade or two, why not another pillar of equality? "I'm sure I'll go with someone from one of the teams. No big deal."

It's a term of endearment, really. Or it will be, in another generation or so.

Angel returns the gesture from Jamie once again, nodding. "Will do, cap'n, not to worry." Then, when Brooke mentions the prom? That gets a bit of a wince. "Oh yeah, man, that's /months/ from now! All kinds of stuff going on between now and then." Like classes, and games, and spring training, and that's just the required stuff; you gotta have some fun along the way, too!

"Mmm, definitely," he adds, after rolling his eyes just slightly about the 'gay' part. "I'm sure one of the teammates will ask you. 's all good."

Lisa remains silent when it comes to the matter of the homecoming for the past few years. It's the chicken she concentrates on during that bit. Claire had been a really good friend of hers so she could not imagine at all what he had gone through, being her brother. Her favorite part of her family. A sympathetic look is given his way though, just that brief connection. That he has to go has her sliding out of the booth to let him out and she catches that look and the question. "It's.." Nothing? That would be a blatant lie but he had so much going on already. "Sure, text me alright? Drive safely." A smile is cast his way. "And give Jane my regards."

Back to the table she slides into her now empty side and focuses on Brooke for the moment. "I will get him your number for sure." A grin inches into place. "Is Duane gay?" Not that he's the cutest guy in school, but he had potential. He wasn't one of the popular crowd at all though. "There's some hot guys in school that aren't gay though. And some that don't go to our school." She allows her gaze to follow after Jamie once he departs, that same smile playing over her features. "Prom is forever from now, we all have time to be dating someone by then."

Jamie offers them up each one last wave, flashing Lisa a particularly secretive smile at the mention of Jane. A wink follows. "You know it." At that he spins around and makes a bee line for the Target exit, where he presumably parked. Hopefully, he doesn't get caught by those same creepy old people again!

Annnnnnd.... as soon as Jamie is gone, Brooke gives Lisa this kind of look. "Like oh my god, so you have to tell me what the deal is there! I didn't know Claire's brother was such a... so like, c'mon spill it, what's the deal there?" Yep, she's taken this and run with it in her own mind, whatever the truth may be. And then a confused blink.

"What? Who?" Duane? Some geeky dude who isn't on a sports team? Why would Brooke have any concept he even existed! Well, it's not really that big of a school so she probably does, but there's a bit of willful ignorance at work here. "Trev I mean." Aka Bradin, with the former being his typical nickname for team-adjacent folk. "God, he's so... it's like, he'd be perfect otherwise. It's a total crime he's into dudes." Siiiiigh. Oh well, looks like at least one misplaced crush there. Though somehow one can imagine this shallow heartbreak not setting her back too far.

Turning back toward Angel, who is probably a little precariously trapped in the vicinity to all this unfiltered girl talk, she offers him a... sympathetic? Smile. "Yeah I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding someone to go with, don't worry about it too much. And like, Lisa was right, we all just end up at the same table and at the afterparty together anyway, so like, it's not even a disaster if you go stag or something." Easy for her to say!

Angel is indeed doing his best to weather the storm of femininity. It helps that he doesn't really understand about half of it. Not like his parents, he understands /them/ all too well. They're old and dumb, end of story.

With the sandwiches about finished up, though, he does decide to try throwing in another change of subject. "So, either of you have plans for after this? I know you've gotta run your bags out to the car," glancing toward Brooke once again, "but I mean after that. I was gonna head over and check the movie schedules, see if there's anything good playing." Well, he already knows there is, it's just a question of start times is all.

First things first, Lisa explains Duane. "He's super smart and he's going to help me pass Math and Science. Mostly math. And he doesn't even want anything in return. Not even to sit with us at lunch or anything. It's pretty cool of him." That's all the explanation that Duane gets. It's on to Jamie now. A soft sigh. "I ran into him at the beach. He can play the guitar, he can sing, he can drive fast, he can be all respectful. He's a super awesome conversationalist. So hot.. but, he's also in college. Not sure my parents would approve, not that I'd ask, but he'd never get to participate with our things here at school. I mean I'm a junior, he's a freshman in college."

Angel, though, offers them something to occupy them too, if they wanted. Absently, she lowers her hands beneath the table and rubs at her wrists again, the suddenly hunted.. or haunted look returning all too briefly. "I don't want to stay out past dark." Certainly she doesn't even think to blame it on her parents this time. "You two should see the movie though."

"Oh. Well, that's cool I guess? Maybe I should ask him too." Obviously Brooke could stand to use a LOT of help where the math stuff is concerned (and probably with every subject), though where she's concerned, asking for help would be more like 'flirt until they do your homework for you.' Maybe not the best approach. She's also clearly waaaay more interested in this Jamie stuff. "Ohmygod right?" she echoes after the 'hot' bit, and then proceeds to ignore the downside bits. "So what? We'll be going to all his parties anyway. And I'm sure he'd come to the games if you went out. Just to watch us chee-eer." She mimics a little move with her arms. Rah rah!

All this plotting aside, Angel does remind her of the fact that she has all this stuff. Stuff! "Oh, yeah. Thanks for helping, I'm not parked too far." She beams a smile at him, although the further invitation has her kind of quirking her lips thoughtfully. "Mmmm. I told Kayleigh I was gonna come over in a bit. To try out outfits and stuff." Truth? Deflection? At least in this, she manages not to be as woefully transparent as everywhere else in life.

Angel bites his lip slightly, considering. Partly concern over /whatever/ the deal is with Lisa's wrists, partly her semi-gushing over That College Dude, and some of it is probably also the mention of Kayleigh. Nothing personal, Kayleigh.

"Okay, that works. Should be able to get it there without a problem." A shrug. "And yeah, maybe another time?" Plenty of weeks until homecoming, still, assuming it's /somewhere/ around Thanksgiving-ish.

"You really should ask him." Lisa encourages. "He's on the superintendents honor roll and all. Can't go wrong." Math is her weakest subject for sure. When Brooke does seem more interested in Jamie she grins, "That's true and even though I was just like his sisters best friend and all, he's never paid attention to me before."

The thought of sitting through a movie at the moment has Lisa shaking her head all over again. "Really though, I can't do a movie tonight either way." Her food is all but forgotten, even the lemonade. "Tell Kayleigh I said hi and send me selfies of the best outfits so I can be jealous."

"Well, I mean, it'd have been kinda weird then, maybe?" Brooke tilts her head. "Like you were too young or just, y'know, it being kinda skeevy to hit on your little sister's friends?" Then she gives a little shrug, even as she's starting to stand up. "But like, stuff changes." Even Brooke is visibly treading some careful ground here, the oblivious girl not quite THAT oblivious. So, positivity. "And you look cute together!" She is so pro this.

Once she's up, she starts figuring out bags and turns her smile back on Angel. "Yeah totally, we'll all hang out." Of course Lisa's suggestion is met with great enthusiasm. "Totally. I'm gonna call you later anyway. There's like, so much to talk about." She may be more excited about Lisa's romantic prospects than she is! Then another quick check back and she's ready to head out.