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IC Date Log Summary
2018-11-02 Not a 1:1 Ratio Just some actual schoolwork getting done.
2018-10-31 Trick or Treat Trick or Treating can't be dangerous at all, can it?
2018-10-29 Interstate Fish Transport Drugs, interstate trucking, crime and monsters keep Callie and Vincent talking.
2018-10-28 Ghost Child The child is buried, and he has a message
2018-10-22 Solomon Harasses Her Teacher Sophia is a bully, but Elena shows remarkable composure.
2018-10-22 Must Have Purse Dogs Lobster rolls, awkward revelations, and a walk down to the beach.
2018-10-18 A Nightmare in Flame The scoobies have a plan to catch the nightmare monster; it... does not work.
2018-10-15 Lie-Beware-Ian It's time to catch Faye and Chris up. Sophia goes into some detail about her past.
2018-10-12 Up Against The Wall Kayleigh reaches out to Sophia. Secrets emerge, and agreement made.
2018-10-10 Taking Hold of Now Seth drops off Chris's photos. The boys muse about art, exploration, and lobsters.
2018-10-10 Mostly Forgotten, Half Consumed Chris and Seth explore the ruins of a hidden house.
2018-10-08 The Black Svan Sophia's on a bitch fest about Ms. Svanhild. Derek and Brooke get caught in it.
2018-10-08 It's a Science Un-Fair The two least professional teachers discuss the science fair with most of a student.
2018-10-08 War of Attrition Parker is on the hunt for information. Seth's camera may have some answers.
2018-10-06 The Beep Test Sophia catches up with Karla about helping out - They do not stay on topic.
2018-10-01 Better Late Than Never A late night rendezvous - Kayleigh is given information, and a choice.
2018-09-30 Extracurricular Snacktivities Stop me if you've heard this one: Three teachers walk into a diner...
2018-09-29 Netflix and Chilled (Pt 2) The Second Dream strikes Richael and Sophia. Sophia refuses to leave empty handed.
2018-09-27 Unlikely Allies Seth follows up with Chris on a job offer.
2018-09-20 College Fair (Part 1) Miskatonic's annual student fair for Lovecraft High!
2018-09-18 It's Long Overdue Derek finally manages to do what no-one else has - Sophie has a breakdown.
2018-09-17 A La Mode Mystery with a side of woe.
2018-09-16 Netflix and Chill (Pt 1) Richael and Sophia have a sleepover - And discuss sex, adulthood and amputation.
2018-09-15 Interrogating Miss Daisy Following a lead, Seth drags Bradin to flirt with an old lady about the distant past
2018-09-15 12 Year Debt Tutoring. You're doing it right.
2018-09-15 Ahab and Tigger Kittens like coffee too!
2018-09-14 Friday the 14th The first organised meeting about the Dream Surgeon/Nazi Scientist (Working title).
2018-09-13 Mall-ing Food is acquired, homecoming plans are discussed. This is fine.
2018-09-12 Memoir:Lisa's Dream Lisa's First Dream
2018-09-12 It's Weird For Me Too Kayleigh finally catches up with Sophia. It's weird for both of them.
2018-09-12 Mustang or Mercedes? Mustang reveals a gentler side after Sophia offers him a ride home.
2018-09-11 The Mad Nazi Scientist Theory Because someone had to come up with it sometime.
2018-09-11 Phantom Limbs and Fearful Dreams Richael reveals an old map of the town to Sophia - And both girls share a late dream.
2018-09-11 Good Cop Bad Cop Detective Parker looks for answers in an unlikely place.
2018-09-10 An Evening by the Sea Seth and Richael have a refreshing conversation on the beach.
2018-09-10 Partner Up Science class leads to some private tutoring? Hopefully!
2018-09-10 Third Hand News Richael is brought up to date by Sophia.
2018-09-10 This Is Our Home Tyler and Sophia try to warn the new girl about Lovecraft, and discuss dreams...
2018-09-10 Lending a Hand Sophia gets the deets on what happened at the festival. A promising friendship begins!
2018-09-09 Aftermath Some of the witnesses of the Summer Festival incident talk at the Early Bird Diner
2018-09-09 End of Summer The annual End of Summer festival ends on a dark note.
2018-09-04 Sleepwalking Off A Cliff A night at the Drowning Cave goes off the rails (and cliff).
2018-09-02 Just Say No Charlie and Tyler are reminded to just say no to drugs.
2018-09-02 Late Night Shakes A first meeting over shakes.
2018-08-18 A Dealer and a Cop Walk into a Bar Maybe you've heard this one before...
2018-04-11 The Vandross-McKinney Connection The darkest timeline.
2018-02-28 Workshop 1 Showgirls runs a Workshop on the game systeem.