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xxxxxWill you be one of the students of Lovecraft High, in their prime for belief and facing the greatest danger? Or perhaps a student of Miskatonic University, nearing the twilight days where the lines of childhood imagination and memory blur as they race to stop an evil they find harder to remember with each passing year? Or maybe you're a survivor from a previous generation, the horror seared so deeply into your psyche that you never truly forgot like most do, but now too old to threaten the evil on its own terms? These are the characters in our story.

Lovecraft High School Students

xxxxxThe primary focus (but hardly the sole focus!) will be on Lovecraft High and making it an active, thriving environment. Yes, this includes running scenes around classes, lunch break, after school groups and sports, and school events. We fully intend to cover all aspects of student life, from the dreaded pop quiz, to the big hockey game against Lovecraft rival Milton, to prom and the school play. How successful we are will depend in large part on the players.

xxxxxEach student must be a Junior (16-17) or Senior (17-18) when starting play. NOTE: At opening we only want Juniors, to keep them easier to group together for events. Characters under 16 cannot be Leading Roles, and Supporting Roles under 16 (like siblings) should generally be used in public scenes and never as a part of adult content. You'll want to begin with a Name, a Birthdate, and a Stereotype that quickly sums up your character, usually an adjective/noun combo like "Spoiled Princess" or "Star Athlete". You will only need a couple sentences beyond that for your background - we don't need much, just a rough idea of the character. Backgrounds that are more than two paragraphs will not be read and you'll be asked to condense it. Our goal is to get you IC as fast and easy as possible, so only the basics are needed - save all the details for your wiki as you flesh them out.

xxxxxWe understand, however, that not everyone wants to play high school kids, so we do offer other options below. For more useful information on Lovecraft High that may help you in making a character, see the Setting page of the wiki, and particularly the Lovecraft High section.

Miskatonic University Students

xxxxxWe will also be putting a fair amount of focus on Miskatonic University as a 'High School for Adults' option, but with less of a unifying direction. Unlike high school kids who share the same classes, college kids can take wildly different course loads, so there will not be as much of a focus on classes and academic life. Instead the focus will be on student life and campus culture. Dorms, parties, student groups, fraternities and sororities, and even secret societies can be good starting points for RP and activities. Students should be between the ages of 18 and 22 for undergrads, and 22-24 for grad students. Remember that past 25 most adults in Lovecraft are overtaken by the fog of forgetfulness.

xxxxxLike high school students, you need a Name, Birthdate and Stereotype, but the stereotypes evolve a bit. "Frat Bro" or "Humanities Major" might be better suited now. Also, the same guidelines for backgrounds apply. For more useful information on Miskatonic University that may help you in making a character, see the Setting page of the wiki, and particularly the Miskatonic University section.

Adults Who Remember

xxxxxGiven the structure and focus of the game, players wanting to play true 'grown-ups' may find their options and RP a bit limited, but we still accept them. Our goal will be to get you in an occupation or role that allows you to be involved in the stories, but from more of an authority-figure/outsider perspective. We highly encourage teachers and professors for obvious reasons, but a police officer, EMT, and other civic jobs are fine as well. We'll entertain pretty much anything, but if it's not likely to find a lot of RP we'll suggest another path.

xxxxxThese characters should have their occupation worked into their stereotype, like "Rookie Cop" or "Drama Teacher". Names and Birthdates obviously still apply, and backgrounds can be a bit more developed - we need a rough idea of what happened in their youth that allows them to remember now - but still don't need to be terribly lengthy. For more useful information on Lovecraft that may help you in making a character, see the Setting page of the wiki.