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Below you'll find all of our various policies regarding different aspects of the game.

The #1 Rule

xxxxxThe #1 rule of the game is that we are all here to have fun. While it would be great to just throw up a page that says "Don't be a dick!" and let people run wild, we do find that very often this does not work well. So what you find below is a list of some guidelines and rules that should be followed on the game.

xxxxxWe just want to make one thing very clear before you read any of the rules below; everything has an exception. Those exceptions may be few and far between but they still may exist. Just because something below says "No, you can't do that" doesn't mean that's an absolute. If you have an idea or what to do something that goes against anything listed below please speak with staff, the worst thing we can say is no. :)


xxxxxStaff on the game are named for their favorite scary movie, and show up in color on the WHOlist. Staff positions are related to film and TV crews as follows:

  • Executive Producers: The head Staffers of the game.
  • Set Designers: Building Staffers, handling build requests, descing the grid, etc.
  • Casting Directors: Staff that can look over and approve characters for play.
  • Writers: Staff that help create stories, either for Staff use or Plots-in-a-Box.
  • Directors: Staff that know the system and can arbitrate scenes, specifically Kill Scenes.
  • Production Assistants: Staff that answer questions, do newbie help, and so on.

xxxxxNote: Not all Writers and Directors need to be on Staff. Players who attend a System Workshop and are cleared to run scenes are Directors. Likewise, you can write and submit plots without being on Staff. Staff Writers are generally involved with Monster of the Week stories and Metaplot.

xxxxxA Director CAN play in their own scene as long as they don't make the scene all about their character. Basically, don't try to be the star in scenes you're running. Let the others find the clues and be the heroes. Players (and Staff!) who abuse this will lose their permission to Direct.


Leading Roles

xxxxxPlayers may have as many Leading Roles as they can actively play, but these characters may not be tied to each other and should avoid interaction as much as possible.

Supporting Roles

xxxxxPlayers can have up to three (3) Supporting Roles tied to their Leading Role and under their exclusive control at a time. If one dies, a new one can be made. Players may choose to emit these characters as needed, or allow another player to play them. If another player plays them, any Genre points that Supporting Role earns while they play them goes to that player's Leading Role. So if John lets Sue play Debbie, one of John's Supporting Roles, any Genre points Debbie earns go to Sue, not John.

Player Build Projects

We openly welcome player related build projects. Every player is given enough quota to build roughly 10 rooms and/or objects that can be used as they see fit. Build projects should be handled in the following manner.


xxxxx1 Head into the Build Nexus and build your project.
xxxxx2 Figure out where you want your project linked to the grid.
xxxxx3 Use the +BUILD command to submit a +job letting staff know that your project is finished and where it should be linked.

xxxxxThat's it! If you need help at any point along the way feel free to contact staff or use +BUILD to request assistance.


xxxxxRoom Descriptions Be sure every room in your build project has a description. We don't ask for much but we should get a feel for what the room represents.

xxxxxExit Naming Format If you look at any room on the game you'll see that our exits are named as such: (Name) <(Abbreviation)>. External rooms use directions so players have a sense of where they are moving. Hangouts or interior exits can use whatever abbreviations they like.
xxxxxEXAMPLE: An exit that leads into a room called Master Parlor may be named 'Master Parlor <MP>'.

xxxxxExit Parent Exits could have a number of attributes set on them that let people know who is coming and going from a room. See HELP @SUCC, HELP @DROP, and HELP @ODROP for more. For convenience, we have set up a master exit parent that possesses basic versions of these attributes. If you want you may @parent any exit to #671.


xxxxxDon't be a dick.
xxxxxThat's pretty much what this policy boils down to. Don't harass people, don't badger or bully people, don't bad mouth other players or other MU's on the game, and be civil at all times. If you don't think you can be civil we ask that you remove yourself from whatever situation is creating this situation, even if you feel you are not at fault - please just remove yourself from the situation and contact staff.
xxxxxIf you are the victim of abusive behavior we ask that you do your best to ignore the person or people involved and contact staff for immediate assistance.


xxxxxThis game is a mixed-consent game.

xxxxxWhen players are involved in their own RP, all parties should consent to whatever is going on. Players may not kill each others' characters or do lasting harm to them without consent. PCs may be rivals, frenemies, and so on, but the real antagonists should be the Monsters. When no Director is present, Consent rules, with the following caveats:

xxxxx1. Maybe tweak the scene to appeal to as many people as possible. This is generally the best solution when more than one person has an issue with what is going on in the scene.

xxxxx2. The people who are not okay with what is going on in the scene can leave it. This may sound harsh but if 5 people are absolutely fine with a scene and 1 person is not it's not really fair to punish the other 5 for that.

xxxxxWhen a Director is running a scene, especially a Kill Scene, Bad Things can happen. Your character might die. You do NOT need to consent for IC actions to have IC consequences in Directed scenes. By joining in the scene, you are waiving consent.

xxxxxThe big exception to this is anything of a sexual nature. The ax murderer may kill your character, but they will never rape your character. We aren't here to tell those kinds of horror stories.

Game Rating

xxxxxWhile we have no global game rating we do ask that people keep a few things in mind before they do something, say something, or RP in certain ways.

xxxxxPublic/Guest Channels Just for the sake of civility we ask that things be kept to a G or PG level on these channels. We will provide channels with no ratings limits for those who wish to speak and/or act freely.

xxxxxRP If the metric ton of horror movies created over the past several decades have shown us anything it's that you can tell a good horror-based story regardless of what rating you put it at. All we ask from people is that you consider the characters involved, the scene, and (most importantly) the players involved. If everyone is okay with a R-rated scene then go for it. If someone indicates they are uncomfortable with some aspect of the scene as it is unfolding just do your best to maneuver around that aspect of the scene. The game should be fun for everyone.

IC Actions = IC Consequences

xxxxxThis is, in the opinion of Staff, one of the most used and abused tropes in all of MU* history. It has been used to justify the mistreatment of other players and characters to no end. That said players should keep a few things in mind...

xxxxx1. Your actions should have consequences. If you traipse into the cabin of the cannibal hillbillies, what do you expect is going to happen? Be aware of what you're getting yourself into. This goes for non-Directed scenes as well. Punch the school bully in the face at your own risk.

xxxxx2. Consequences should not lead to a player losing their ability to RP. That's why we're here after all, to RP and have a good time.

xxxxx3. If you, as players, just cannot agree to something feel free to contact staff and they'll do what they can to help. They will rely very heavily on what was written above, coming up with a resolution that leaves everyone with RP opportunities. Barring that they will just retcon the scene and say it never happened. While that is a last ditch ruling and one we never want to have to use it's there if we need it.

xxxxxAnd always remember, we are all here to have fun and tell exciting stories! :)


xxxxxThe one thing we keep saying over and over again in our policies is that this is a game created by adults for adults. We want players to explore their characters in creative ways. This may include sex. We're fine with that. Just remember our Game Rating policy (make sure everyone in your scene is cool with what's going on) and age policy (no characters under 16 involved in adult content).