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At A Glance

xxxxxLovecraft, MA, is a New England resort town located on a small island in the Atlantic, just off the coast. A single road and bridge connects it to the mainland, and ferries run during the Summer resort season. The locals are known for their friendly charm, and at a glance it seems like the sort of place well-suited to raising a family - crime is low, gangs are of the neighborhood bully variety, and everyone seems to know everyone else. It's a town that doesn't lock its doors at night or worry about the kids out playing down the block after dark. The locals take pride in their community.

xxxxxThe real-world equivalent is Nahant, MA, and the Drowning Cave is inspired by Swallow Cave located there.

Sins Of The Past

xxxxxIn the days of the Revolutionary War, a secret American military bunker was hidden below the cliffs overlooking the ocean to keep a lookout for the British Navy, and the soldiers there discovered something they later wished they hadn't. An evil older than man was awoken, and it longs for release from the void it's confined to. The unwitting soldiers nearly freed it, desperate to repel the Redcoats, and ever since it has taken advantage of the crack in the door of its cage to feed on the fear and innocence of the youth of the town above. Adults no longer believe in myths and legends, and so it uses that disbelief to fog their minds and cloud their vision. A few locals, those who faced the nameless evil and survived, have grown up to remember bits and pieces, but they are rare. By the age of 25 all but those very few (un)lucky survivors will have forgotten the horrors of their youth, and the deaths and disappearances that no one talks about will be written off as tragic accidents.

xxxxxWhile the bunker itself is largely underwater and collapsed, the upper-most area is still accessible at low tide and has become a popular haunt for local teens called the Drowning Cave. Local authorities always talk about getting around to closing it off for good, but somehow it never happens.

Struggles Of The Present

xxxxxThat same evil also draws other evils to it like a magnet, bringing monsters both human and otherwise to town. Serial killers stalking the resorts, werewolves in the woods, vampires in the streets at night, killer clowns in the sewers, a machete-wielding maniac at the Summer camp - the town is full of ghost stories that the youth know aren't just stories, but the adults reassure them are just tall tales meant to scare them. Perhaps these monsters are agents of that greater evil, ways for it to feed. Or maybe they're just a side effect of that evil being awakened from its ancient slumber. Only the young people of Lovecraft can face and drive back the darkness that preys upon them. Those who learn too much or get too close to closing the cage door get marked by the evil as too dangerous to live, and so it's an ongoing struggle without a clear end in sight.

Common Knowledge

xxxxxNot everything on the wiki is necessarily IC knowledge. The story about the Revolutionary War days up above, for example, is NOT common knowledge for characters, but was given so that players have an idea of what to expect from the game. Below we cover what IS commonly known about Lovecraft by the people who live there.

  • Vast Majority of Adults: Lovecraft is an little odd, sure, but it's not that different than most places. Occasionally kids go missing or a tragic accident happens, but that's a part of life, right? Crime is mostly low, the streets are generally safe, and everybody knows everybody. Stories about places being haunted or cursed, or supernatural occurrences are just that: stories.
  • College Students and Adults Who Remember: There's actually more to the town than most realize, and stories of the strange and supernatural have some merit. There IS something different about Lovecraft, and we've experienced some of it first hand and carry the scars, even if we can't remember all the details. Most of the adults in town seem to sleepwalk through life, but we have at least one eye open.
  • High School Kids and Younger: Monsters are real. This town attracts them. Hardly anyone believes us, but magic, ghosts, the whole ball of wax, it's happening right here in Lovecraft. There are places that aren't safe, and at certain times of year things keep happening. The adults say we're just being over-imaginative or dramatic, but we know the truth: Something evil lives in Lovecraft.

Rumors and Tall Tales

xxxxxThe following is a collection of stories and rumors about Lovecraft and the strange things that happen there. Not all of these are necessarily true, but they may be, even if only in part, and can be inspiration for stories. We'll add to this as the game goes.

  • According to native lore, a great evil from before this world was drowned beneath the island by the first men to live here.
  • Innsmouth Park, which is most of Lovecraft's Eastern coast, is home to a number of monsters. Some say there's a werewolf that hunts there on the full moon. Others say a family of cannibals calls it home, inbred remnants of a British loyalist family from the days of the Revolution. Other strange creatures have reportedly been seen as well.
  • Miskatonic University harbors a cult among the faculty and chosen students who worship an ancient god from another universe.
  • Not a year passes at Lovecraft High without at least three students dying or disappearing.
  • A vampire stalks the streets of Downtown.
  • The old military bunker below the Drowning Cave isn't entirely flooded and collapsed. It is, however, haunted AF.
  • Every Summer, serial killers hold a secret convention in the resort.
  • The Summer camp is stalked by a murderer with a machete, the ghost of a kid who died there long ago.
  • Dunwich Estates has an exclusive 'foodie' group that eats human flesh.
  • Arkham Apartments are haunted by the ghost of an escaped slave during the Civil War. When locals of the era, as many Northerners did, blamed blacks for the War and went on a lynching spree, they coated him in honey and strung him up for the bees.
  • Keyhouse is not abandoned, but home to a mad scientist in league with an evil alien that crashed to Earth in a meteor.

Around Town

Below are maps of Lovecraft and details on places of interest that can be found on grid.

West End

xxxxxTurning onto Old Arkham Drive as you enter town takes you South to the part of the island commonly known as the West End. This is the working class and poorer part of town, almost rudely skirted in by the Kingsport Golf Course, both a thumb in the West End's eye and a barrier to keep it out of sight from tourists and East Siders.

xxxxxThe Early Bird Diner, open 24/7, is a local favorite and always busy no matter the time. The West End also has an Ahab's now. The residential neighborhood they built it near is in the 'upper' end of the working class housing.

xxxxxFurther South is the town's Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Various Sorrows. It's backed up against the hated (by West Enders) golf course. Things get rougher the further South one goes, ending at the seedy, cliff-side Arkham Apartments on Arkham Point.

xxxxxFor a town where almost everyone is at least upper-middle class, being a West Ender is like being a commoner, and West Enders carry this like a chip on their shoulder. Being from the far-Southern Arkham Point area (like the Arkham Apartments) is far worse, though. Arkies, as they're called, are trash, and usually the first to be blamed for anything.

Upper West End

Lower West End

Early Bird Diner

xxxxxEvery town has at least one greasy spoon establishment, and in Lovecraft it's the Early Bird. Close enough to the main road in and out of town to get the truckers hauling goods into town, the diner never closes - except on Christmas, of course. The food's decent and inexpensive, the staff are friendly but unobtrusive, and the coffee is always fresh and hot.

Our Lady of the Various Sorrows

xxxxxOne of the oldest buildings on the island is the local Catholic Church, and it's a pillar of the community. Father Ortega is well-loved in town and highly-regarded, and in a time where the American Catholic Church has become more and more conservative, he's a passionate and accepting priest trying to follow in the footsteps of his Lord and savior. It's well known that he has a gay nephew and that Father Ortega and the rest of the family embrace him with open arms. The church welcomes everyone and is active in the local West End community, where it's sorely needed.


xxxxxThe newest of the national coffee-chain juggernaut locations in town, it's also not quite as nice as its Downtown counterpart, nor open as late given the neighborhood. Still, it's one of the newer and nicer establishments in the West End, and quite popular. Hours of operation are 4am to 8pm seven days a week, with Summer hours extended to 10pm.

Kingsport Golf Course

xxxxxWhile technically neither a West End or Downtown location, it's the elephant in the room that divides the two. West Enders hate it because it eats up so much land for a game that most of them will never play, keeping them isolated from the rest of the island like an embarrassing cousin. So many things could use that land, things that might bring more and better jobs to West Enders. But there it sits, fenced off on their side so that they can see it but can't join in, making them have to go all the way around if they work Downtown.

Arkham Apartments

xxxxxAbout as close to a ghetto or the projects as things get in Lovecraft is the Arkham Point area, and if they had a trailer park it would be the Arkham Apartments. Surrounded by ugly, undeveloped cliff-side nothingness, it's an old, run-down complex well past its prime. East Siders like to joke that if it wasn't for the Arkies, Lovecraft would have no crime at all, and while this isn't exactly true, it IS true that the apartments are a lot rougher than anywhere else in town. The Squids, the local biker gang and closest thing Lovecraft has to organized crime, are based out of the apartment complex.


xxxxxDowntown is where you end up if you stay on Lovecraft Rd heading East. Starting just North of and to the East of the Kingsport Golf Course, Downtown is a mix of residential and commercial. Most of the town's 'baseline' upper-middle class residents live in and around Downtown. The businesses here are largely geared towards tourists, the town's bread and butter, but there are also grocery stores and local shops as well as a mall. The public beach area in the South is simply called The Cove, and is filled with tourists in the Summer.

xxxxxPeople from this part of town are called Townies. It's a step up from West Ender, and definitely better than being an Arkie, but still seen as quaint by the wealthy residents of the East Side, notably those from Dunwich Estates.

xxxxxLovecraft PD and Lovecraft High are both in the Downtown area, just a mile or two apart on Lovecraft Rd.

Downtown Lovecraft

Lovecraft Police Department

xxxxxCentrally located on the island, Lovecraft PD is one of the oldest buildings still standing. While more dangerous criminals are taken to the mainland, there is a small jail below ground capable of holding 50 or so prisoners for a short period of time without too much strain. It's mostly used for drunk tourists (and locals) and smaller-scale crimes since there is no courthouse in Lovecraft. Any situation where charges are being filed gets the prisoner a van ride to Lynn, the nearest city.

xxxxxPolice officers and detectives are a good occupation for Adults Who Remember - the Chief of Police is Central Casting, but everything else is open. Few of your colleagues will believe you if you start talking about things of a supernatural nature, but if you keep your head down and get creative you might be able to do some real good there.

Lovecraft High

xxxxxLocated on Lovecraft Rd in Downtown, one of the focal points of the game, Lovecraft High is like most high schools on the surface. The school mascot is a narwhal, the most popular sport is hockey (though they have all the usuals, like football, track, basketball, baseball and softball), and their bitter rivals are the Milton Devils. There's a school paper, student government, yearbook, drama club, AV club, and all the other things you'd expect to find in a modern-day high school.

xxxxxThe school year begins first week of September and ends the first week of June. The biggest events of the school year are Homecoming in the Fall (a dance after the homecoming football game, which they usually lose), any games between the boys' or girls' hockey teams and their Milton rivals (go Narwhals!) through late Fall and all of Winter, the Winter Formal (another dance right before holiday break), the school play in Spring, and Prom (a final dance, shortly before graduation/end of term) in late Spring. If the hockey teams make the playoffs in Spring, those home games are also a big deal.

xxxxxStudent characters may be Juniors (16-17) and Seniors (17-18) only. Adults Who Remember can be faculty, though the Principal and custodian are Central Casting. One of the teachers, the Vice Principle, guidance counselors, or janitors are playable options. Please refrain from student/faculty love affairs. Yes, they happen, and they're called statutory rape. If staff learns about any, BOTH characters will be removed from play.

xxxxxClasses, lunch break, and after school programs will be used as sources for RP events.

xxxxxBeing a member of a club or a team as a student is as simple as saying you are one. Each hockey team (boys and girls) starts one Center, two Forwards, two Defensemen, and a Goalie. Starting positions are on a first-come/first-served basis. If all starting positions are taken, you can play a backup. Backups of most positions play every game, except goalies, but they rest the starting goalie every 3-4 games. Team Captains are Central Casting. All the other team sports are available for your characters to be on, but there won't be staff-driven events around them. Still, being quarterback on the football team or point guard on the basketball team adds some depth to characters.

xxxxxBig clubs like Drama, AV, and the student government will have Central Casting kids as leaders, but membership is always open. Drama club rehearses all year for the school play in Spring, the AV club does a live broadcast each morning with kids from the school paper reading news and announcements, student government plans the three dances and puts them together, and we're always open to new clubs if your characters want to start one. Class Presidents are Central Casting, but there are four representative slots for each year (4 Junior, 4 Senior), a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Parliamentarian. Again, these are first-come/first-served to start, but we may hold student elections in future school years, just as we may determine starters on the hockey team via tryouts.

Lovecraft Mall

xxxxxMore cosmopolitan types might laugh at this being called a Mall, but it's two floors, has a bunch of shops, a movie theater, and a food court. That counts, right?

xxxxxAll the usual suspects are present - Old Navy, The Gap, Sears, JC Penny's, Macy's, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, Footlocker, and many more. There are plenty of smaller, more interesting shops as well. The Food Court has a Sbarro, a Panda Express, a Johnny Rockets, and several other regional-chain and local-owned food options.

xxxxxThe movie theater is a 10-screen luxury theater, with 3D capability, but no IMAX or mini-IMAX.

xxxxxThe high school kids sometimes mill about, but it's really more popular with the tweens of Lovecraft Middle School, much to security's chagrin.


xxxxxThe Ahab's in Downtown is located way over by Kingsport Golf Course due to the main commercial sector of Downtown being tightly packed stores on narrow streets, leaving little room for parking and none for a necessary drive-thru. All of the fast food places are likewise located nearby for the same reason. This location is a bit bigger and nicer than its West End counterpart, and even kids from Dunwich Estates are known to frequent it on occasion.

xxxxxThe hours of operation for the Downtown Ahab's is 4am to 10pm, 7 days a week, with extended Summer hours (4am-12am) like most local businesses.

Wicked Sushi

xxxxxThe popular sushi bar and pub is one of the main nightlife spots in Lovecraft, for all that it has a nightlife. It features lunch and dinner AYCE specials, plus à la carte from open to close. There are two bars located within, one for sushi and the other a more traditional bar serving alcohol. A stage hosts all-ages shows featuring local bands on some of the weekdays and touring bands on the weekends, with minors getting a Sharpie-drawn 'X' on their right hand. Hours of business are 11am to 2am, when Last Call for alcohol is called. In Summer, they offer an 'after hours' experience with a live DJ and without alcohol from 2am to 5am that's all-ages.

Case of the Crabs

xxxxxA local and tourist favorite alike, Case of the Crabs is a seaside crab shack set right down near the beach. It has no inside seating - orders are taken at the walk-up window, but offers plenty of picnic table seating around it. They serve all the New England and crab shack staples, and offer beer for customers 21 and over, both on-tap and bottled. They are open 10am to 9pm most of the year, and stay open until midnight in the Summer.

East Side

xxxxxEverything East of Downtown is considered to be the East Side, and Lovecraft Rd runs through it all the way out to The Resort before turning South to the university. Everything South of Lovecraft Rd and East of the docks is Dunwich Estates, a sprawling, lush development catering to the wealthy. The development ends just short of Miskatonic University, beyond which is the Innsmouth Park nature preserve.

xxxxxThose who live in Dunwich Estates are the lords and ladies of Lovecraft high society, largely looking down on the rest of the town's residents. All of the homes are big and posh, with carefully tamed wilderness for yards, and the two beaches located there are private, for the exclusive use of the residents of the development.

xxxxxBetween Dunwich and the university, along the coast, is an old estate known as Keyhouse. It's is beneath this estate, which was the Governor's mansion during colonial days, that the American revolutionaries built a bunker to keep watch for the British Navy. Most of the bunker is now well underwater and believed collapsed to boot, but the small cove and upper level cavern called the Drowning Cave is accessible during low tides twice daily, in the mid-mornings and late-evenings. Keyhouse itself is gated and locked, further protected by the overgrown wilderness that surrounds it.

The East Side

Dunwich Estates

xxxxxLess than 150 families call the development home, and yet it takes up almost a sixth of the island's land. Large mansions sit on sprawling lawns surrounded by carefully tamed wilderness, all to give residents the illusion of a secluded forest setting with private beaches. All of the wealthiest and most powerful families live there, the kinds that don't hold positions of authority like mayor or police chief, but instead decide who gets those positions in the first place. They are the movers and shakers, the king makers, the puppet masters pulling the strings.

xxxxxThe grounds are entirely gated on every edge except the ocean, and the beaches are, as mentioned, private property for the exclusive use of the residents. Everything South of Lovecraft Rd and East of the docks is Dunwich Estates, all the way to the university.

The Resort

xxxxxWhile the busiest season is by far the Summer, the resort opens in mid Spring (usually by April) and doesn't close until mid Fall (usually in November), with exact dates determined by the weather. It's one of the most popular, exclusive vacation spots on the East Coast, and at peak times can more than triple the town's regular population with well-off tourists. It caters largely to the wealthy and upper-middle class, and features a full-service spa, several restaurants, cliff-side views of the ocean, a private beach, sailing and fishing, and a whole slew of other amenities. It is the leading employer on the island, with many of the labor-oriented staff being West Enders, but due to being closed almost 5 months of the year doesn't provide the kind of year-round income families really need. Off-season the resort only employs a skeleton crew to maintain the grounds and facilities. This can make for lean times in town through the holiday season, especially for the West End. Townies tend to work more in salaried, management positions, or work in (or own!) shops in Downtown that fare better year-round.

Lovecraft Summer Camp

xxxxxFurther North along the island's Eastern half is the Summer camp, where many of the well-to-do tourists vacationing at the resort send their kids to be entertained and looked after. Many Miskatonic students and some local teachers take Summer jobs as camp counselors. The camp has four dorms - two for boys, two for girls - and hosts kids aged 6 to 16 in two-week rotations from early June to mid August, the rotations grouped together by age. Activities include swimming, boating and fishing, hiking and camping, arts and crafts, sports, and the occasional excursion to the Mall for movies, or back to the mainland for bowling.

xxxxxThe rest of the year the camp is closed, like the resort, and only a handful of people keep the grounds and clean the facilities from September through May.

Miskatonic University

xxxxxAll the way out at the very Eastern end of Lovecraft Rd is Miskatonic University, an old and distinguished institution in the Ivy League. Miskatonic is a 4-year university with a graduate studies program, offering everything from bachelor degrees to masters and doctorates. Its areas of specialty are in marine biology, ancient history, native studies, archeology and theology, but degrees in law, humanities, the arts, math, medicine and science are also available as with most colleges. Dorm living is available for students, and given its remote location, Miskatonic actually features more dorms than many other universities. There is also an on-site student union building that features numerous fast food and cafeteria dining options, a general store, and its very own Ahab's (open 24/7!). Everything a student needs for daily life is located on campus.
xxxxxMiskatonic University's mascot is the Fighting Cephalopod (go Pods!), and it has both a mens' and womens' hockey team, basketball team, and track team (among others).

xxxxxStudent characters can be anywhere from 18 to 24 (Freshman to Post Grad), and are highly encouraged to live on campus for an active RP community. Classes will not regularly feature as RP events, but team sports, clubs, fraternities and sororities are all encouraged and featured. Faculty are also available for play as Adults Who Remember, and our student/faculty affair policy is decidedly more relaxed as all involved parties are 18 and over. Being caught IC may still carry consequences, however!

Innsmouth Park

xxxxxInnsmouth Park is a nature preserve and is a part of Miskatonic University's marine biology program. Tours through the park occur year round, except for December and January, but otherwise the park is not considered open to the public. One must sign up for a tour to access the grounds, or sneak in. There are occasional park patrols along the tour paths day and night to check on the wildlife and watch for trespassers, but they aren't a heavily armed security company or State or National rangers. Plenty of people sneak in - mostly at night - and make personal use of the park.


xxxxxThe only part of the Southeast island that isn't a part of Dunwich Estates is the small country road that leads to Keyhouse and the estate itself. It was the Governor's mansion for the island in Colonial times, and the Governor was secretly sympathetic to the Americans, so he allowed them to build a bunker directly below the property into the face of the cliff where they could watch for the British Navy.

xxxxxIn the decades that followed the war, the Governor's family moved to the mainland and Keyhouse fell into disrepair. It's been abandoned ever since, though the family still owns it. The high stone walls that surround the property have kept it largely secure and free from break-ins and vandals. The fact that local youth insist it's haunted and/or cursed probably help.

The Drowning Cave

xxxxxDuring the war, parts of the bunker that were less than stable collapsed during a high tide and forever closed off the lower levels, which where flooded in the collapse. Dozens of soldiers drowned. It was late in the war and the bunker was no longer deemed necessary, and so it was never excavated.

xxxxxWhile Keyhouse is inaccessible to this day, the remnants of the bunker below can be reached on foot by a path along the cliffs. Accessible only at low tide, this cove and cavern that were once the upper level of the bunker is now referred to as the Drowning Cave by locals, especially local youth who use it as a hangout and place for parties away from the adults. The stairs and tunnels below are still there, but rubble and water make them all but impossible to pass.


xxxxxLovecraft is based on Nahant, MA, and the following is provided for reference.

Month High / Low(°F) Rain
January 37° / 21° 8 days
February 39° / 23° 7 days
March 46° / 29° 8 days
April 56° / 39° 8 days
May 66° / 48° 9 days
June 75° / 57° 8 days
July 81° / 63° 8 days
August 80° / 62° 7 days
September 73° / 56° 7 days
October 62° / 45° 8 days
November 52° / 36° 8 days
December 42° / 27° 9 days